Arabia Tea for Two

Arabia teapot, design Gunvor Olin Gröngvist, 70's, with filter, clean and in excellent condition.


Arabia Talvikki Coffee Cups

Arabia Talvikki coffee cup + saucer, 7 sets, in good condition.

35€/set   -20% OFF

Arabia "irtopää" Cat Carafe

Awesome Arabia cat carafe, condition almost as new. 1,5l H: 16cm, diameter at the top: 11,3cm


Arabia Vegeta Carafe

Fine Arabia Vegeta Carafe, 1,2 l. Height 14,5cm, in very good condition.                         SOLD

Arabia Kruunu Coffee Cups + Tea Plates

Clean and in good condition.

28€/set  (one set: coffee cup, saucer, tea plate) 12 sets available    -20% OFF

Arabia Singapore Blue Tea Cups (5) and Serving Plate

Tea cup 35€/cup,

 Serving Plate 40€

5 tea cups available

Arabia Singapore Coffee Cups and Side / Plates

Cup, saucer and plate 30€/set 

 12 sets available    -20% OFF

Arabia Singapore Brown Gold Rim Tea Cups and Tea Plates

Clean and in good condition, 38€/set,     6 sets available

Arabia Kukko Egg Cups (4)

Gunvor Olin Grönqvist, in good condition, goldplated inside. 30€/piece 

Arabia "Köökki" Serving Plate GOG

Clean and in good conditionDiameter 30,5cm                      58€  

Arabia Oksa Carafe, Gray

Designer Raija Uosikkinen, in good condition, no defaults. Height 11cm 80€  

Arabia Raita Bowl, Olga Osoll

Fine bowl from 50s, lightblue bottom, hand painted, diameter 28cm, height .6,3cm. In excellent condition.                      SOLD  

Arabia Sampo Bowl, pilkkumi

With stamp, 30-40s, clan and in good condition.               62€.

Arabia Pilvi

3 coffee cups 28€/cup   -20%            milk/cream jug 22€                    serving plate, diameter 26cm            SOLD 

Arabia Arctica Resta Abricot

Coffee / espresso cups

6 available, in excellent condition. Height 6,5cm, diameter 6cm 18€/cup  -20%

Arabia Kirsikka Dishes

- 11 coffee cups, 45€/cup   -20%                    - 12 plates, diameter 25 cm                                                15€/pla      - 6 soup plates 12€/plate                       - 9 side plates, diameter 17cm        10€ /plate                                                  

Arabia Valencia Footed Bowl

In good condition (see photo for tiny default), hand painted, diameter 23,5cm , height 12cm 280€

The arrow on the picture above shows tiny default (indiscernible) 

Arabia Valencia Side/Tea Plates

6 available, diameter 15cm  SOLD