Textiles, carpets and rugs

Rug "Simpukat", Laila Seppä

Size 110x160cm, rod pocket           280€

 Rug Terttu Tomero  "Jäkki"

Size 108x150cm, rod pocket  340€

 Rug "Satupuut" Tuula Saarenpää, Ryijykutomo Koskinen

Behind label with creator and material information.  Pure new wool.                                              Size 112x160cm, rod pocket for hanging                 300€

Rug "Yön Kuningatar"  Laila Seppä

Background is dark blue, not quite as in the picture. Size (?) 420€

Rug  "Portti"  Hanna-Maija Teisko

Size 113x160cm         380€

Rug "Huurre"  Toini Nyström

Size 155x117cm                     280€             

Rug "Pusta", Tuula Saarenpää 

size 105x155cm            270€

Curtains, Finn-Helen, "Arnikki" Design Stina Toivio 

size 2x 142x170cm       130€